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Gulf Coast Region | Week of 12/4/19

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Gulf Coast Region

Sabine Lake
GOOD. 64 degrees. Water clarity: clear tea-stained; visibility two to four feet in most areas. Speckled trout action has slowed some; trout are showing up on six to seven-foot flats with mud shell bottoms. Redfish are good on soft plastics and jigs. Flounder are good on mud minnows or jigs and Gulp lures.
Trinity Bay
Good. 64 degrees. Speckled trout are fair on live shrimp under popping cork and soft plastics. Redfish are great in the marsh on live mullet, soft plastics and topwater and will be found along the north and northwest shoreline. The flounder bite is good on live mullet.
East Galveston Bay
Good. 63 degrees. The flounder bite is along the ICW spoils and drains. Redfish good along the north shoreline by the wildlife refuge on soft plastics. Speckled trout are excellent near the island in 4 feet of water, expect to limit out. Catfish are slow.
West Galveston Bay
Very good. 63 degrees. Jones Lake is good for redfish - drift live shrimp under popping corks and soft plastics. Flounder is good around San Luis pass on live shrimp. Speckled trout are excellent on shrimp, soft plastics and topwaters, expect to limit! Catfish are slow due to migratory patterns.
Texas City
GOOD. Redfish are good on soft plastics and can be found off the rocks. Flounder are excellent on live shrimp or minnow around Seawolf. Some catches in this area have been just shy of 8 pounds! Speckled trout are good along the levee and Mosquito Island. Black drum are good on blue crab or shrimp.
GOOD. 67 degrees. Redfish and Speckled trout bite good around the surfside jetty. Flounder good along ICW drains and marsh using live mullet. Bull reds good at mouth of Brazos river on live bait.
East Matagorda Bay
GOOD. 67 degrees. Speckled trout are excellent on live shrimp under popping cork and soft plastics, mainly in the flats. Redfish are very good on chunking plastics or live shrimp. Flounder are excellent on soft plastics like down south, red, or white in color.
West Matagorda Bay
GOOD. 67 degrees. Speckled trout are excellent on live shrimp under popping cork and soft plastics. Redfish are very good in the marsh on live mullet, soft plastics and topwater. The flounder bite is excellent on down south plastic in red or white color.
Port O'Connor
GOOD. 65 degrees. Trout are excellent on a combination of live or fresh baits such as shrimp or crab in the shallow sand bars. Redfish are very good in back bays on live shrimp. Bull reds have slowed down. Tarpon are very good on mullet or pinfish. Flounder are good on minnows or mullet and croakers in vegetation. Sheepshead are very good near the jetty on live shrimp.
GOOD. Redfish are GOOD close to the shorelines, and in or around the mouths of tidal drains. Dark color paddle tail artificial lures have been the ticket. Trout are EXCELLENT, drift fishing 3-4 ft. of water during tidal movement. The preferred method would be a popping cork, with both live or dead shrimp. Additionally, any life-like artificial shrimp is also producing. Flounder are FAIR, bouncing both natural and artificial bait along drop-offs.
Port Aransas
GOOD. 67 degrees. Redfish are good on shrimp, KWigglers paddle tail, top waters, and are found in schools. Speckled trout are fair on shrimp, KWigglers ball tail, and top waters. Black drum are good on shrimp or crab or soft plastics near Roberts Point park off the bulkheads.
Corpus Christi
VERY GOOD. 67 degrees. Redfish are excellent and being caught on mullet and shrimp. Trout are very good with Texas Rattler jigs. Flounder are excellent on minnow or squid or jig. Drum are very good and are biting on shrimp.
Baffin Bay
EXCELLENT. 68 degrees. Redfish is excellent in the flats with topwater, and live bait following the mullet. Flounder is excellent on jigs or minnow. Trout are excellent on any slow sinking lure. This time of year, the trout (and redfish too) are gorging on mullet of all sizes.
Port Mansfield
GOOD. With winds laying down water clearing up. Also, water temperature is coming up with warmer days reds, and trout are found in 3 to 6 ft on the flats. Also shorelines and areas with mud bottom holding the warmer bottoms. Red trout and flounder can be found in these areas using live and dead shrimp,kwiggler willow tail. Red snapper in Texas waters should be good with calming seas 2ft or less.
South Padre
GOOD. Windy conditions have stained the waters and made waters higher than normal tides. Redfish have been in the sand flats. The area around Gaswell Flats has been good fishing the color change for speckled trout. Use popping cork with live shrimp or gulp shrimp.
Port Isabel
VERY GOOD. 69 degrees. Speckled trout are excellent on Down South Lures and Chartreuse/RedEye Texas Rattler jig combo. Sheepshead are good on live shrimp. Whiting are good on shrimp and squid.