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You can spot them a mile away.

You know, those friends or family members that prefer wetting a line over pretty much everything else. Their tuff, funny, hardworking, great storytellers and well never around, but you know exactly what they are doing.

Depending on the day of the week, they can be found out on the lake, the bay, the river or just posted up somewhere on the shores of a pond, casting a line and waiting to haul in the next trophy. Fishing runs through their veins.

Here are 20 signs you are completely hooked on fishing.

  1. You turn in early so you can catch the morning bite.
  2. There is at least one rod in your vehicle at all times.
  3. Your freezer is stocked with various fish species.
  4. “A bad day fishing beats a good day of anything else” is your life motto.
  5. There are more hours on your boat than miles on your car.
  6. Your Instagram is mostly fish pics.
  7. The only “jail bait” you’re familiar with is dynamite.
  8. Weekends are for fishing... so are vacation days, holidays, and sick days.
  9. You are willing to sleep in your truck to beat the pot lickers to your honey hole.
  10. Your garage has a wall dedicated to fishing lures.
  11. Your conversations focus mainly on the forecast or the current bite.
  12. Fishing gear is a line item on your monthly budget.
  13. You lie like a rug.
  14. You love good country music, not this new pop garbage.
  15. You know exactly why Brad Paisley is “Gonna Miss Her.”
  16. You can correctly predict the length and weight of a fish in a picture.
  17. Shopping to you means Bass Pro or Local tackle shop.
  18. You are VERY protective of your fishing spots.
  19. You have more fishing shirts in your closet than dress shirts.
  20. You plan weekends around fishing trips.

Need an excuse to fish? Use the brick test.




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