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Add 90's Country Music & Ice Cold Beer For Added Benefit


It is, however, nice to see science back up the claim. Most of us who partake in the fishing sport already know that sitting on your favorite honey hole with an iced down six-pack and a good fishing rod does wonders for the soul.

Niels Eék, a psychologist and co-founder of mental well-being and self-development platform Remente, had this to say:

“Several researchers have looked into the health benefits connected to spending time out in nature. One study specifically, which was recently published in BioScience Journal, found that daily exposure to nature can, among other things, help reduce feelings of stress and even improve your self-esteem, for up to seven hours. Reconnecting with nature can also help you become more mindful and present in the moment.”

But wait, it gets better. A study from the University of Michigan found positive long-term effects when it comes to depression and memory, as well as decreasing the risk of certain cancers and high blood pressure.

Great. So are we supposed to go camping or something? Well, according to Travel +, some experts believe the best way to care for the ol' noggin is a good fishing trip.

So, if you're needing a little self-esteem boost and a break from the daily craziness, load up the rods, grab your tackle box and go fishing this weekend. If you need that extra punch, grab your favorite brew and crank up the 90's country music.

What's the takeaway?

Simple, when you're making your case for that new boat this holiday season, don't forget that science has your back.

Fishing for the Soul
Fishing is great for mental health




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