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Well, this is new... I've never seen catfishing like this before.
Most of us grew up watching Bill Dance and his bloopers were one of a kind.
If you're like most, you've spent your share of Thanksgivings in the deer blind with family or good friends. For me, I've commenced turkey day in fishing fashion off the shoreline looking for diving gulls and bait dancing across the water.
You know, those friends or family members that prefer wetting a line over pretty much everything else. Their tuff, funny, hardworking, great storytellers and well never around, but you know exactly what they are doing.
Those 99-packs of PBR you've seen on facebook...Yeah, those. They are 100% Real and they are coming to a store near you!
Last week a father shared his daughter's Christmas list on Twitter prompting a viral response to her over the top requests.
We're full-blown BFCM mode here at the Reel Sportswear warehouse and we thought we would share some of our favorite jams we listen to when packaging your orders and working around the shop. We have added a couple of playlists for your ears to munch on, turn it up, tell your friends and subscribe to get all the new music we throw your way.
The hustle and bustle is upon us. That's right, it's time to dust off the holiday welcome mat, pull down the Christmas tree, and start shopping for your closest friends and family. Unfortunately, our favorite procrastinators have SIX FEWER DAYS this year to pull off a holiday miracle but don't worry, Reel Sportswear is here to help!