November 22, 2019 1 min read

Gifts Under $25
Gifts Under $50

We all know kids have wild imaginations, but this guy definitely has his hands full.

Last week a father shared his daughter's Christmas list on Twitter prompting a viral response to her over the top requests. Everything from a new iPhone, Macbook pro, Gucci slides, a live bunny, bunny clothes, a Chanel purse and $4000 cash. 😂

I don't have kids yet, but I'll probably adopt the "If you can't spell it, you're too young to get it" approach, especially when the gifts are over $100. I won't knock her completely tho. She had very reasonable requests on that list. An alarm clock, pajamas, laundry detergent, pink duct tape, bunny clothes, and a GoPro... Sounds reasonable to me.

Heck as an angler, I have to give her props. My list from last year included a $67K Haynie, Sarge Custom Rod, Shimano Reel, a new Gibson guitar and a couple of other big-ticket items. Let's just say I was living in la-la land. My favorite part of this girl's list is the $4k in cash.

Yep... speechless. Anyway, pop is gonna need $10k+ to check off her list.

Girl's over the top Christmas list

Yeah, dad ain’t having it.




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