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Unbelievable Catches

It's one thing to haul in a bass over 10lbs, its another to pull in a 16lber by hand. This is one of many he's caught and this is something your going to want to see.
Watch this dude pull up a surprise as he thinks he's pulling up a huge catfish.
Back in March 2019, Capt. Nick Stanczyk and his clients, a couple from Cape Coral, bagged a massive 757.8-pound swordfish after a grueling 8-hour battle.
We came across this footage of Cairns Black Marlin Fishing and the footage is AMAZING.
RS™ friend and angler, Mitchell Speed caught and released Striped Marlin down in Cabo, Mexico a couple of weeks ago putting the Reel Sportswear brand on the map and out to sea.
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