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    Angler Tags Caught Marlin in the name of Research

                  RS™ friend and angler, Mitchell Speed caught and released Striped Marlin down in Cabo, Mexico a couple of weeks ago putting the Reel Sportswear brand on the map and out to sea.

    GrayFishTag Research (GFR) Tags are provided to participating in professional charter fishing captains and mates for free.  When an angler catches a fish it is tagged and released. 

    When a tagged fish is recaptured and GFR is notified, the catch information is analyzed against the original tag and release information. Complete details of the catch, including the straight-line distance the fish traveled and its growth along with a Tag Recapture Certificate, are sent to the anglers who recaptured it. The anglers who first tagged the fish will also receive the new information about the recapture.

    By observing and measuring the distance and direction traveled between tagging and recapture it will provide scientists with valuable information on migration patterns, fish stocks, growth rates and much more. Environmental factors will be considered as well.

    The observations also enable researchers to study the structure of fish stocks and assess whether there is any mixing between populations that are geographically distant from one another. This information is vital to improve the understanding and management of valuable game and sport fish species and will help sustain our fisheries for our future generations.



    FISH NAME: Reel Sportswear
    ANGLER: Mitchell Speed

    TAG ID: GFR25886

    SPECIES TAGGED: Marlin, Striped (Kajikia audax)

    DATE: 05/15/2019
    LOCATION: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    RESEARCH CENTER: Pisces Sportfishing | Cabo • Mexico

    BOAT NAME: Rebecca
    CAPTAIN NAME: J.R. Alucano
    MATE 1 NAME: Luis Cota

    OCEAN: Pacific/Sea of Cortez
    LATITUDE: 22.88793
    LONGITUDE: -109.44623

    FIGHT TIME: 10 min
    FISH CONDITION: Excellent
    BAIT USED: Live Bait


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