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Growing up with a passion for fishing my life has always revolved around water. My dad started me fishing at a very early age so I claim to have 39 years of experience in the salt and fresh waters of lower Texas. One of my goals early on was to become a fishing guide. Im happy to say that I obtained my license and successfully guiding for many years. Its been a blessing to share my knowledge and love for fishing with so many people over the years.

My focus now is kayak tournament fishing at the highest levels possible. My love for sight casting redfish in the shallow waters using light tackle has led me to a few tournament wins fishing against stacked fields of kayakers. When not competing I am always on the water pushing myself for more knowledge and experience. To say my fishing career has been full of blessings is an understatement.

I am from Robstown, TX and have lived in the Texas coastal bend area my whole life. In most cases I can be in saltwater within a few minutes. This has helped me tremendously when needing to key in on fishing patterns.


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Career Highlights

Among those with a successful tournament angler, Poco has had many accomplishments over the years. Here's the short list of Ray's list of accomplishments:

  • Landed one of the top land based catches in Texas history. That being a 14’ Great Hammerhead.
  • Finished 2nd place at the 2020 Hobie owners tournament out of 150 anglers.