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Reel Sportswear Fishing apparel and clothing
Reel Sportswear Fishing apparel and clothing

Texas fishing apparel. Built to last, made to perform.

Texan’s have a style that depends on clothing tough enough to withstand the demand of our outdoor life. Our Texan roots have produced fishing apparel & clothing that fits our "all or nothing" lifestyle and pays homage to the spirit that defines our culture.


Explore our must-have fishing shirts, best selling fishing shorts and our Top Rated fishing headwear. Whether your fishing all day or hanging out in the blind each weekend, we have the all the clothing products you need.
Corpus Christi Texas - Reel Sportswear Fishing apparel

About Our Brand

Forged in Corpus Christi, TX in a mass produced, disposable world, Reel Sportswear® is a product of the "hard-working" Texas culture. Where men still build, from dusk to dawn, where family means everything and the water is our calling.


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Our new short film series is making waves across the Texas fishing community. Each film highlights the pioneers, events and fishermen of times past in efforts to connect to our deep rooted culture and shine light on those who made history. Watch, learn and share in the adventure.


Reel Sportswear Fishing Apparel
Reel Sportswear Fishing Hoodies & Clothing
As see on Fox, USA Today, Digital Journal & Daily Hearald
As see on Fox, USA Today, Digital Journal & Daily Hearald
Are you tired of getting sunburned while fishing? The RS Solar Bandit is the perfect solution for all fishermen. It’s UPF 50+ and moisture-wicking, so it protects your face and neck from the sun, wind, and elements. You can stay out longer without worrying about getting burned or having to reapply sunscreen every hour!
  • 4 min read

Going fishing is a great way to spend the day. But it’s so much more than just getting out on the boat or sitting on a riverbank. What you wear is just as important as the gear you use. Clothing and fishing apparel is an important part of your fishing adventure, whether for a few hours off the dock, or several more out on the lake or ocean. Most casual fishers don’t likely think too much about what they are going to wear.

  • 3 min read

If you’re heading out for a long day of fishing, you need to choose your clothing wisely. While it might seem normal to throw on whatever t-shirt or pants are currently sitting in your closet, you’re not going to get the durability, support, and comfort that a long sleeve fishing shirt provides.

  • 2 min read