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Build the best product, promote the conservation of marine resources, use business to inspire and influence on our family, friends and our community.

Reel Sportswear Fishing apparel and clothing
Reel Sportswear Fishing apparel and clothing

Texas Fishing Apparel
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Texan’s have a style that depends on clothing tough enough to withstand the demand of our outdoor life. Our Texan roots have produced fishing apparel & clothing that fits our "all or nothing" lifestyle and pays homage to the spirit that defines our culture.

Reel Sportswear PRO+ Technical Fishing Apparel
Reel Sportswear PRO+ Technical Fishing Apparel

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Explore our must-have fishing shirts, best selling fishing shorts and our Top Rated fishing headwear. Whether your fishing all day or hanging out in the blind each weekend, we have the all the clothing products you need.

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Corpus Christi Texas - Reel Sportswear Fishing apparel

About Our Brand

Forged in Corpus Christi, TX in a mass produced, disposable world, Reel Sportswear® is a product of the "hard-working" Texas culture. Where men still build, from dusk to dawn, where family means everything and the water is our calling.

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All Day Comfort for Dog Days

From board room to the boat ramp, nothing combines softness, and authentic style like our Tide Washed Tees.


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On the town or in the boat, Reel Sportswear fishing t-shirts bring the attitude and comfort for all anglers.


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Modest women fishing cropped tees with long-lasting quality and a super soft feel, plus they are cute.

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Our Short Films

Our new short film series is making waves across the Texas fishing community. Each film highlights the pioneers, events and fishermen of times past in efforts to connect to our deep rooted culture and shine light on those who made history. Watch, learn and share in the adventure.

Known for their delicate flavor and flaky texture, speckled trout are a favorite among anglers and seafood enthusiasts alike. One delicious way to prepare these fish is by smoking them, which adds a rich, smoky flavor and a crispy crust. In this recipe, we will show you how to smoke speckled trout to perfection.
Corpus Christi, Texas is known for its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and diverse fishing opportunities. One of the most sought-after fish in the area is the tarpon, also known as the "silver king." These powerful fish can weigh up to 280 pounds and provide an exciting and challenging catch for anglers of all skill levels. In this article, we'll take a closer look at tarpon fishing in Corpus Christi and provide tips on how to catch these elusive fish.
Reel Sportswear is turning 10! And we're celebrating in a big way. For 10 days, we're giving away amazing prizes to our customers who engage with us on social media. It's our way of saying thank you for your support throughout the years.
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As an emerging Texas fishing apparel brand that has fostered a decade of professionalism, style and sun protection, Reel Sportswear has been delivering the best fishing clothing to Texan anglers since early 2013. What started as a company simply rooted in the fishing lifestyle, has evolved into an influential regional brand that provides high quality fashion to those seeking performance and comfort in the world of outdoor sports. Reel Sportswear's focus on performance and technical fishing apparel has been a natural part of the brands growth. As fishermen first, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality fishing clothing that protects against the harsh environments Texas has to give and we continue to focus on improving each product year after year. At Reel Sportswear, we innovate to inspire, and if our products can facilitate your adventure-seeking lifestyle then we’ve done our jobs right.