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Hit the water in style with the Cosmo Pro+ Long Sleeve Performance Shirt, the freshest drop in high-caliber fishing gear. Born from the same innovative poly/spandex fabric blend as our Species Pro+, this shirt is the real deal for those endless summer sessions on the bay. It's built to keep things chill when the heat is on, with top-notch moisture-wicking tech and a fit that moves with you, not against you.

The Cosmo Pro+ is a game-changer with its head-turning digital camo design in cool aquatic colors, making it more than just gear—it's a statement. You'll be rocking UPF 50+ sun protection, so you can stay on the prowl from dawn to dusk without stressing about the rays. And that front terminal zipper pocket? It's not just a slick touch—it's the ultimate stash spot for your gear when you're on the fly.

No fluff, no filler—just straight-up performance. Whether you're flipping casts or just kicking back on the deck, the Cosmo Pro+ is all about that laid-back vibe with the specs to back it up. This is for the anglers who live for the thrill of the catch and want to look sharp doing it. So grab the Cosmo Pro+ and make every cast count.

The Pro+ collection is where it's at when you want your fishing gear to scream 'next-gen'. Built for the squad who knows no boundaries on the water, the Pro+ line is that elite mix of tech and flex. We're talking gear that's not just part of the scene—it's leading it. Made with only the slickest poly/spandex fabric, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and boasting UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you cool when the action heats up. This collection is dialed in for the catch, making sure you're not just outfitted but outfitted to whack 'em. It's the kind of kit that's got your back whether you're chasing the tides on the flats, dropping lines in the deep blue, or just chillin' river-side. Throw on Pro+ and it's clear—you're not just about the fish, you're about fishing in full flex. So hit up the Pro+ collection, 'cause we're all about that hook, line, and keeping it reel.

• UPF 50+ Sun Protection
• Supreme 95% Poly / 5% Spandex Fabric
• Hood for Additional Sun Protection
• Front terminal zipper pocket
• Light-weight
• Radial Sleeves for Expansive Arm Movement
• Odor-Resistant
• Super-Duper Quick-Dry
• Shrink-Resistant

Color: Multi
Size: SM
Reel Sportswear - Join #OurCrowd Today - Our Crowd we live under the sun
Reel Sportswear - Join #OurCrowd Today - Our Crowd we live under the sun

Reel Sportswear was born from a simple idea - high quality fishing apparel products at a reasonable price, for every angler. Our goal is not just to deliver fishing apparel products, but to innovate with style and simplicity and deliver them with outstanding service. From fishing shirts, shorts, branded t-shirts and best selling headwear, Reel Sportswear is a creative company continually looking for ways to improve on our customers’ lives - from new products to top customer service, you are our main concern! 

Our small, family-owned and operated business, based in South Texas, is the outpost of passion around fishing products that are not just high quality, but also carefully and thoughtfully produced. We’ve searched far and wide and spent countless hours developing our unique long sleeve fishing shirts, button downs, fishing hoodies, outerwear, fishing shorts, bottoms, t-shirts and fishing headwear.

At Reel Sportswear we believe in our products - if we don’t wear it, it’s not in our collections. We strive for all of our fishing clothing products to fit great, feel great and perform at the highest levels. We are doing things our way, so you know the products you get are genuine. Our approach focused on simplicity, utility and timelessness has coined Reel Sportswear one of Texas’ best selling undiscovered fishing apparel brands.

We started this company with the goal of being a bit different and that’s because of you - our customers. As Reel Sportswear took shape, we knew it had to be a different experience for our shoppers.

• High quality fishing clothing? Of course.

• Carefully designed and developed to perform? Yes.

• Amazing Customer Service? The absolute top priority.

Whether it is fishing shirts, fishing shorts, fishing headwear or any other fishing apparel product, you can be assured that attention to detail, painstaking QC and countless development hours has gone into every product. Know that if you have any questions or comments about our products or the company that a friendly voice is ready to chat with you. We love each of our fishing products and we love to talk about them so we’d love to hear what your thoughts are as well. 


Our Mission

We Believe in Quality

The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility.

We Believe in Conservation

Above all we are avid outdoorsmen and women. Protecting our marine resources with responsible values and good old fashioned common sense is the forefront of our attitude. We do our absolute best to promote safe and clean waterways, and inspire thousands each year to become conservationists.

We Believe in Community

The cornerstone belief that family, friends & community bind our industry together has been an essential part of our success. As a family owned business, our community is the backbone for everything we are able to accomplish. Staying true to our community and our core values during 7+ years in business has helped us create a company we're proud to run and work for.

We Believe in Our Products

As avid anglers, we stand behind every product we create. Each product is thoughtfully designed to consistently perform and keep you out on the water. Because of this belief, we back our products 100%.

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