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How to be the next George Perry

George Perry Biggest Bass Record Catch

George Perry

What is the largest fish you’ve ever caught? Or seen? The largemouth bass is said to be mostly 5.5 kg and 18 inches in length but can go up to 22 inches. To date, the largest largemouth bass ever caught was 10.09 kgs and was caught by a farmer, George Perry, in 1932. Largemouth bass fishing may be popular, but world record catches are surprisingly less common as Mr Perry’s record has been unbroken for over 80 years now. Over the years, there have been contenders to the record, but none beating it just yet. 


Manabu Kurita, a Japanese, may have beaten Perry’s record by catching an even larger fish (weighing 22 pounds 5 ounces) but by IGFA standards, his catch was declared a tie with Perry’s because it was less than two ounces heavier.

Of course that lives the options open for anyone to attempt to break the record. It is naturally not known if the largemouth bass can grow beyond the 22-pound mark, and we won’t really know until we know. Not until it is caught, that is! Thus begs the question, who will be the next big fish by catching an even bigger largemouth bass? It might just be you!


Tips for Catching Your Own Record Setting Bass

If you want to be the next big thing when it comes to largemouth bass fish, you will beed the following tips to help you along:


Change your mind set to target trophies

Catching trophy-class largemouth bass is an entirely different game as compared to catching everyday schoolies. They are not a common feature around the fishing grounds. You will need to keep an open mind, contending with many barren trips back to show after a full day fishing for them. Learn to fish slowly and strategically. Be persistent and disciplined without getting tired and one day you will surprise even yourself. 


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Pump up your bait game

Remember, you are dealing with a monstrous fish which is definitely not swayed by small bait. Bigger bait always catches bigger fish. The largemouth bass fish don't feed all day long like the smaller bass do. They are patient enough to hold on until they come by a large enough meal to indulge in. therefore, don't shy away from going big with your bait.


Target fishing spots with less fishing pressure

For your largemouth bass to be record worthy, it’s got to be real big. Getting to this size takes a lot of time for the fish. Littered with dodging predators in the water while young and then outwitting anglers later on in life. The biggest bass are survivors with many years of ‘smart’ defence strategy. That’s how they’ve grown so large. Your best bet at catching a potential record breaker leans heavily on your ability to find locations least frequented by anglers. This might not be the easiest spots, more often they are either far out of reach or too much work getting to. But if you are looking to make a pig splash, square your shoulder and head on over to that nasty side channel or far off bay and you just might find the magic!


Dress to catch, literally!


As you well know, the largemouth bass won’t be floating on the water just waiting for you to come get it. Fishing for the bass might very easily be a daylong affair. For you to achieve this feat, you need not have to worry about your clothes too. The right gear will ensure you remain comfortable regardless of any changes in the weather. You could decide to cast your bait during springtime since the spawning processed make the fish vulnerable to mistakes. In as much as springtime is the best time, it is unkind to your skin as it calls for long days under the sun and constantly rising humidity levels.


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