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Reel Sportswear: Supporting the Kayak Fishing Community through Sponsorship of The Paddlers Playbook

As a fishing apparel company, Reel Sportswear® is excited to announce our sponsorship of The Paddlers Playbook podcast. The Paddlers Playbook is a top-rated podcast that focuses specifically on kayak fishing, and is hosted by experienced anglers, Chris & Drew. Be prepared for honest, helpful and hilarious advice as the show is suitable for kayak fishermen of all skill levels, providing valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to improve anglers' skills and knowledge.

Our sponsorship aligns with our brand's mission of promoting the passion and education of fishing through storytelling and community engagement. As a sponsor, our logo will be featured prominently on the podcast website and during each episode. Additionally, Chris and Drew will be testing our latest fishing apparel on the water and providing listeners with an honest review of our products and their performance in different fishing conditions.

Giving back to the community is an important aspect of our sponsorship, and we will be also be supporting the podcast's Brostaff meet-ups.

At Reel Sportswear®, we offer a wide range of fishing apparel for men and women, specifically designed to provide anglers with comfortable and functional gear. Our products are made from high-quality breathable and quick-drying materials and feature UPF 50+ sun protection. We are celebrating our 10th year in business this year, find out why RS® is the brand anglers choose.

We are excited to be a part of the kayak fishing community and reach out to enthusiasts through our sponsorship of The Paddlers Playbook podcast. We invite kayak anglers to check out our products, tune in to the podcast, and join the conversation.