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Let’s face it, some anglers love a good pair of jeans and a solid cotton tee shirt, but the serious fisherman (ie: fishing guides, tournament anglers and the hardcore enthusiast), need comfortable, durable gear that can withstand mother nature and keep them out on the water in some of the toughest climates. The reality is guides and tournament anglers fish somewhere between 80-200 days a year.

That is more than your average weekend angler and the fishing clothing that they choose to wear can really impact performance, endurance and mental state of mind.

Let’s say for example you are fishing down in Texas. It’s a typical Texas summer day with 95˚ temps, 25 mph wind gusts and an otherwise beautiful bite. How long do you think you could stay out casting and catching until you were considered “Worn Out”? Better yet, let’s say the bite is soo good, you decided to fish a couple more hours and get home burnt to a crisp. How would you feel about fishing the next day?

This is why fishing apparel, specifically performance gear is super important. If you were covered from head to toe in fishing clothing that is breathable, cooling and comfortable you could stay out from dusk to dawn and not have to worry about sun screen or wind burn.

Fishing guides and tournament anglers have to consider that something as simple as the fabric content could ruin their entire week. Heat exhaustion, sun burn and dehydration definitely has it’s role in sport fishing like any other sport. The more you can eliminate those issues the better chance you have to land a record.



Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt


Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

If you’re the type of angler who doesn’t like to let the intense heat and sun rays stop you from making your catch, then you need a top quality fishing long sleeve from Reel Sportswear.

Our fishing shirts are created specifically to breathe, provide comfort and keep the sun from ruining your day. All of our fishing shirts are rated UPF 50+ sun protection, quick dry and are unbelievably lightweight and comfortable. That means you will stay comfortable, cool and dry even amongst some of the toughest heat waves. You’ll also love the flexibility raglan sleeves provide.

If you are looking to spend all day on the flats or just out for a ride on your boat, our Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts are ready to perform 24/7.



A Quick Question

Are you going to trust gear from a company who field tests and develops product where the average temperature during the year is 75˚? How about a company born from the Texas heat?

That’s what we thought.




Conroe Fishing Shirt

Before we get too far down the page, I wanted to showcase one of our newest products The Conroe Fishing Henley

We thought, why can’t we have a fishing shirt that performs, but also looks great both on and off the water? Well, we did just that. The Conroe Henley is equipped with all the same high performance fishing qualities as our other long sleeves, except we added a three button collar for enhanced breathability.

Imagine, you fish all day buttoned up to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays and on that run back to the ramp you decide to kick ‘er open and let them chest hairs fly. It’s an amazing dream, but dream no longer because this fishing shirt is in stock and here to stay.

Conroe henley fishing shirt



Hooded Fishing Shirt


Hooded Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

You don’t have to be a commercial fisherman to appreciate the subtleties of the Hooded Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt. Designed to cover, the Performance Fishing Hoody is the complete package.

UPF 50+ UV protection, anti-microbial, and moisture-wicking properties, our hooded fishing shirts are UNSTOPPABLE. In fact most commercial guides and outdoorsmen prefer the addition of the hood on hot summer days. The additional protection goes along way and let’s just say it neck saver.

If you need a fishing shirt that is versatile, comfortable and durable, the Reel Sportswear hoodies are the way to go.




Button Down Fishing Shirts

Work or play won’t get in the way of the Button Down Fishing Shirt. Sometimes referred to as a button up, vented fishing shirt, or even eponym columbia fishing shirt, button downs offer more utility than performance shirts. Often with multiple visible or hidden pockets, button downs can be great for carrying extra plastic worms or jig heads.

Reel Sportswear button downs are the all day every fishing shirt. Perfect for a day on the water, a day at work or a few drinks with the boys the Reel Sportswear Button Down is timeless and comfortable.

Complete with dual hidden front pockets and an additional hidden third pocket used for terminal tackle. Vented and traditional, but durable with comfort, these button downs are sure to be a workman’s favorite.

Mens button down fishing shirt



Mens fishing shorts


Fishing Shorts

When it comes to fishing bottoms, you can’t afford to have a pair that won’t hold up. Meet the Reel Sportswear Tidal Fishing Shorts. One of the most comfortable pair of fishing shorts you will ever own. Plus add 4-Way Stretch Technology, quick-drying properties, high breathability, increased maneuverability all bundled into one lightweight, yet durable short.

These fishing bottoms have a 10.5” inseam and are made with the softest pocket liners. Made to fish, built to look and feel great, the Tidal fishing shorts will be your favorite new go to bottoms.




Fishing Apparel for Any Angler

Whether you are looking for a durable new long sleeve fishing shirt or a more traditional button down top Reel Sportswear has your back. Visit Our Store to find fishing headwear, shirts, tops, jackets, tee shirts, face masks / face gaitors, and much more.

We have everything you need to get clothed for your next fishing adventure, so stop by our online stores or find us at a local retailer and stock up on this year’s performance fishing apparel this season.

Fishing apparel for all anglers