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RS Solar Bandit: The Advanced Fishing Face and Neck Mask

Are you tired of getting sunburned while fishing? The RS Solar Bandit is the perfect solution for all fishermen. It’s UPF 50+ and moisture-wicking, so it protects your face and neck from the sun, wind, and elements. You can stay out longer without worrying about getting burned or having to reapply sunscreen every hour!

The RS Solar Bandit is soft against your skin and has a comfortable fit that doesn’t slip off when you move around on the boat. It also blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays! This means you won’t have to worry about any damage being done to your skin by staying in the sun too long. And with its breathable material, it will keep you cool even if it gets hot outside! There are no downsides to this product – just get one today!

RS Solar Bandit Highlights: 

• Made with high-quality, breathable fabric that keeps you cool even in hot weather. 

• Provides UPF 50+ sun protection so your skin stays protected all day long! 

• Can be worn as a neck band or face mask – it blocks both UVA and UVB rays! 

• Is machine washable, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. Buy the RS Solar Bandit today!

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The Solar Bandit is a popular sun protection product because it provides both UV and breathability. We all know that the sun is an essential part of life and we can’t avoid it. But you don’t want to stay out in the sun for too long because you don’t want your skin to suffer from the sun's harmful UV rays.  

With the Solar Bandit, you get safe protection that allows you to stay out in the sun longer. Fishing can be a very relaxing experience, but it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you constantly have to reapply sunscreen or worry about getting burned. This mask will protect your face and neck while also not getting in the way of your fishing! 

The RS Solar Bandit even has benefits for the people around you! Your family will love it too, especially if they are sensitive to sun exposure. And since this product is moisture-wicking, it can keep you cool even on hot days. So whether you’re fishing alone or with your friends and family, everyone can protect themselves from the elements!

 Solar Bandit™ Reel Sportswear


This product is soft and comfortable against your skin, so you won’t get irritated or feel restricted while wearing it. It’s made of 100% polyester fabric, which gives it a light weight that doesn’t cause discomfort. Its stretchable material gives it a custom fit that won’t slide around or fall off of your head while you’re up on the boat. It also features flatlock stitching that won’t cause you any discomfort or irritation – it’s really the perfect mask for fishing!

Because of its 100% polyester fabric, the Solar Bandit is breathable. So even if you’re on a hot day, this mask will help keep you cool by pulling sweat away from your face. It helps you stay dry and comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside! And with laser-cut holes, you won't have to worry about your breathing being impeded. If you’re prone to warm weather, this product will provide more than enough ventilation.



The Solar Bandit has a fitting design that fits the contours of your face without sliding around or falling off. It’s designed to fit the shape of your face so it feels like an extension of yourself. It fits just right and will stay in place even if you move around during your fishing trip!

 Reel Sportswear


Whether you’re fishing on the lake or on the ocean, the RS Solar Bandit will keep you protected from the elements. Protect your face and neck by getting this product today! It protects against harmful UV rays as well as wind and water. The RS Solar Bandit is the perfect companion for any fishing trip. Your skin will thank you once you get home and take it off!



The Solar Bandit comes in a range of styles, so you're certain to discover the right fishing gaiters for your personality. We have an assortment to choose from – from solid colors to camouflage patterns. You can choose a color that you like or go for a patterned piece! 9 out of 10 fishermen agree that the best gear they ever bought was from Reel Sportswear! Get the Solar Mask that fits your personality best!



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