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Those 99-packs of PBR you've seen on facebook...Yeah, those. They are 100% Real and they are coming to a store near you!
Last week a father shared his daughter's Christmas list on Twitter prompting a viral response to her over the top requests.
We're throwing back Cranberry sauce margaritas this Thanksgiving. Thanks to the folks over at Delish.com, we found a recipe that will help you fend off...
It is, however, nice to see science back up the claim. Most of us who partake in the fishing sport already know that sitting on your favorite honey hole with an iced down six-pack and a good fishing rod does wonders for the soul.
We're full-blown BFCM mode here at the Reel Sportswear warehouse and we thought we would share some of our favorite jams we listen to when packaging your orders and working around the shop. We have added a couple of playlists for your ears to munch on, turn it up, tell your friends and subscribe to get all the new music we throw your way.
This is probably, most definitely one of our favorite EC songs to date. It's also gone mostly unnoticed by many in the mainstream. If you crank it up, however, most fishing fans will know all the words.
Back in September, Dierks Bentley was full-blown festival mode out in Buena Vista, Colorado when he decided to take some outdoor time with his buddy Luke Bryan. It's common to find Dierks and his friends casting a line or two during the tour's down time, but this trip would land the singer in a little trouble with the law.
Ok, for the record, this recipe is a no brainer but we had to include it. It's easy, quick and delicious. When you get to the basics, redfish on the half shell doesn't disappoint.
Although we are huge proponents of catch & release, we do love ourselves some tasty redfish. There's something to say about heading out early in the morning, landing a couple of slot sized redfish and cookin' up some fresh dinner that evening. Redfish filets are moist, mild, and flaky. The mild, sweet flavor and moist white meat make for an incredible meal.
There's many ways to prepare a good redfish meal, but this one is pretty fancy. Check out how famous Chef Emeril Lagasse cooks up a whole redfish suited for a feast!
This past weekend, the Coast Guard law enforcement crews picked up 5 Mexican lancha boats fishing illegally in federal waters just off the coast of Corpus Christi, TX.
Of course country music and fishing go hand-in-hand. Some could argue, but that's not the point here.
Fish is one of the healthiest proteins on the planet. (Sorry, Chicken...) It’s heart-healthy, contributes to brain health and usually tastes fantastic! Most peeps batter up that flakey goodness and deep fry it, but if you are looking to jump into uncharted waters, here’s a kick-ass recipe that our friend Capt. Alan White has cooked up.
A classic fish taco is something we all need to master. This is our perfect fish taco recipe: The fish — we use speckled seatrout, but any flaky variety works.
RS™ friend and angler, Mitchell Speed caught and released Striped Marlin down in Cabo, Mexico a couple of weeks ago putting the Reel Sportswear brand on the map and out to sea.
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