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Let’s face it, some anglers love a good pair of jeans and a solid cotton tee shirt, but the serious fisherman (ie: fishing guides, tournament anglers and the hardcore enthusiast), need comfortable, durable gear that can withstand mother nature and keep them out on the water in some of the toughest climates.

Going fishing is a great way to spend the day. But it’s so much more than just getting out on the boat or sitting on a riverbank. What you wear is just as important as the gear you use. Clothing and fishing apparel is an important part of your fishing adventure, whether for a few hours off the dock, or several more out on the lake or ocean. Most casual fishers don’t likely think too much about what they are going to wear.

If you’re heading out for a long day of fishing, you need to choose your clothing wisely. While it might seem normal to throw on whatever t-shirt or pants are currently sitting in your closet, you’re not going to get the durability, support, and comfort that a long sleeve fishing shirt provides.

Being out on the water casting a line is one of life’s great pleasures and chances are you’re probably aware how damaging the sun’s rays can be. That’s why sunscreen is on every packing list and why we wear hats and sun protective clothing outdoors. But did you know that different materials – even different fabrics – offer different protection from the sun’s damaging rays? Here we will explain the differences and what all those UV, UPF, SPF ratings mean. We’ll even show you how to choose the best protection.
The Port of Corpus Christi is already in the midst of work to deepen and widen the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, a massive $327 million undertaking being done in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
No matter the species an angler pursues, the basic building blocks for success are the same; you must figure out where they are and what they are eating. From white trout on Pensacola beaches to Tarpon in Florida Bay to tuna off the Louisiana Coast, finding the fish is the first step. Sit in a roomful of fishermen, and you’ll hear talk about grass, cover, structure, depth and current because those are often the keys to finding fish.
Gradually, over the last three decades, populations have been in decline and the abundance of flounder across their entire geographic range are at near-record lows. Fishery managers from Texas to North Carolina are grappling with difficult management decisions as previous actions taken by the states have only manufactured temporary results.
It's one thing to haul in a bass over 10lbs, its another to pull in a 16lber by hand. This is one of many he's caught and this is something your going to want to see.
Well, this is new... I've never seen catfishing like this before.
I've said it once, I'll say it again. Props to these musician dudes and dudettes that get outside and experience a wet line and the beautiful outdoors. To be honest, I was surprised DL could cast a fly, but I'd say he held is own.
Watch this dude pull up a surprise as he thinks he's pulling up a huge catfish.
Most of us grew up watching Bill Dance and his bloopers were one of a kind.
Back in March 2019, Capt. Nick Stanczyk and his clients, a couple from Cape Coral, bagged a massive 757.8-pound swordfish after a grueling 8-hour battle.
If you're like most, you've spent your share of Thanksgivings in the deer blind with family or good friends. For me, I've commenced turkey day in fishing fashion off the shoreline looking for diving gulls and bait dancing across the water.
These Christmas lights in Kokomo, Indiana are on point. If we weren't so obsessed with the winter trout bite, we would all turn our houses into a sea of flashing fishing displays "if you catch my drift".
We came across this footage of Cairns Black Marlin Fishing and the footage is AMAZING.
You know, those friends or family members that prefer wetting a line over pretty much everything else. Their tuff, funny, hardworking, great storytellers and well never around, but you know exactly what they are doing.
Those 99-packs of PBR you've seen on facebook...Yeah, those. They are 100% Real and they are coming to a store near you!
Last week a father shared his daughter's Christmas list on Twitter prompting a viral response to her over the top requests.
We're throwing back Cranberry sauce margaritas this Thanksgiving. Thanks to the folks over at, we found a recipe that will help you fend off...
It is, however, nice to see science back up the claim. Most of us who partake in the fishing sport already know that sitting on your favorite honey hole with an iced down six-pack and a good fishing rod does wonders for the soul.
We're full-blown BFCM mode here at the Reel Sportswear warehouse and we thought we would share some of our favorite jams we listen to when packaging your orders and working around the shop. We have added a couple of playlists for your ears to munch on, turn it up, tell your friends and subscribe to get all the new music we throw your way.
This is probably, most definitely one of our favorite EC songs to date. It's also gone mostly unnoticed by many in the mainstream. If you crank it up, however, most fishing fans will know all the words.
Back in September, Dierks Bentley was full-blown festival mode out in Buena Vista, Colorado when he decided to take some outdoor time with his buddy Luke Bryan. It's common to find Dierks and his friends casting a line or two during the tour's down time, but this trip would land the singer in a little trouble with the law.
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